Once upone a time...I was making portrait of my friend in my DIY studio on the balcony. He needed photo for his brand new CV. One week later he got a job. 

Waiting for the flood

Wroclaw has had a particularly bad history with floods in recent years - particularly in 1997 when the Oder river flooded to such an extent that it covered roughly a third of the entire city's area. In June of 2010 the flood return. Hundreds of people watch, how water rising...few cm more above levees and tragedy happen again. 


Lviv rule! One of the most beautiful city I've ever seen. Polish spirit, awesome coffee bars, friendly people, and really cheap alcohol. Worth to see it!

Bring back summer again...

Beach Party Rocykany/Czech Rep. 2011. Kids, tattoos, swimming pool and smaženy syr! 

Kuba Korczyk

Photographer, voyager, friend and dog's lover. Check his site.

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