Rise to Power.

The spirit of Scotland

Summer of 2007 / Scotland / Aberdeen / Edinburgh / Loch Ness. Friends, trips, work, climbing. Good times.

Tim Hetherington (1970-2011)

Today, the devastating news arrived that Tim Hetherington had been killed in Misratah, Libya. He was many things: a journalist, a photographer, a filmmaker, an artist and friend. He recently won popular acclaim after the documentary Restrepo, which he directed, was nominated for an Oscar. Tim was always trying to pull together the bits and pieces of all the news that was going on around him, to figure out how to follow them through to tell the whole story. He did that with war and, more specifically, with the men who go to war. Time magazine


Karolina Zajaczkowska. My schoolmate, photographer, bloger and heavy smoker.

Never summer - portrait

Pain Runs Deep

Pain Runs Deep. Great band, great people, great message. Slavic power! 
"If You want, drink vodka! but please don't eat animals." A. Malik 3.08.2008/Gdynia   

Girls lie, cops lie, dogs love - part 2

 "They are everywhere, they are sympathetic and they don't ask for prints" Elliot Erwitt


Sunny weather (19 degree), Slayer plays in Poland, my sister made me a cup of coffee, cake for breakfast, Gaslight Anthem on headphones. Today is a good day.


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